Voucher Entry in Tally Prime Notes

Voucher Entry in Tally Prime : Computer Training Notes with exercise / assignment for practice. Sample entry for Self study and computer coaching Classes.

Create New Company  : Super_Voucher : As per the procedure mentioned in Introduction of Tally Prime Notes

Voucher in Tally Prime

All entries which you made in these given accounting vouchers are effect on your current accounting of your business.

  • F4: Contra : Cash deposited into bank and cash withdrawn from bank entries.
  • F5: Payment : Cash and cheque payment including cash and bank purchase entries.
  • F6: Receipt : Cash and cheque received including cash and bank sales entries.
  • F7: Journal : All non-cash transactions entries.
  • F8: Sales : Only credit sales entries.
  • F9: Purchases : Only credit purchase entries.
  • Alter + F7: Stock Journal : Stock transferred and production entries.

Gateway of Tally > Transactions > vouchers

Vouchers Mode Entries

Mode Change for Purchase and Sales voucher
Ctrl +L           : Accounting Invoice       :As voucher

  1. Started Business with cash Rs500000                           (Receipt.F6)
  2. Open bank account in PNB bank with cash Rs 25000  (Contra.F4)
  3. Purchased goods for cash of Rs 50000                         (Payment.F5)
  4. Purchased Machinery for Cash Rs 100000                    (Payment.F5)
  5. Purchase goods on credit from Mr. Pawan Kumar Rs 60000 (Purchase. F9)
  6. Paid discount Rs 2000                                                   (Payment.F5)
  7. Sold goods on credit to Mr. SameerAlamRs 72000      (Sales. F8)
  8. Purchase goods on credit from Super Pvt. Ltd. Rs 16000  (Purchase. F9)
  9. Received cash from Mr. SameerAlamRs 72000              (Receipt. F6)           
  10. Paid cash to Mr. Pawan KumarRs 60000                        (Payment.F5)
  11. Commission received Rs 5000                                       (Receipt. F6)
  12. Electricity bill paid Rs 1000                                            (Payment.F5)
  13. Purchased goods on credit from Sona Enterprise Rs 14000  (Purchase. F9)
  14. Purchased computer for cash Rs 21000                         (Payment.F5)
  15. Deposited cash into PNB bank Rs 10000                       (Contra.F4)
  16. Sold goods for cash Rs 80000                                        (Receipt.F6)
  17. Paid cash to Sona Enterprise Rs 14000                          (Payment.F5)
  18. Depreciation on 10% for Machinery Rs 5000                 (Journal.F7)
  19. Interest paid cash on loan Rs 1000                                 (Payment.F5)
  20. Withdraw cash into PNB bank Rs 25000                         (Contra.F4)
  21. Received Service Charge Rs 18000                                (Receipt.F6)
  22. Paid cash to Super Pvt. Ltd. Rs 16000                             (Payment.F5)

Voucher Entry in Tally: Step by Step

Create the required Ledger directly

Press Alt+C after reaching in the entry box below Particulars.
Example : Create Capital Ledger under Capital Account Group
PNB Bank Ledger under Bank Account and so on.


Cr Capital500000Capital Accounts
Dr Cash         500000Cash in Hand


Cr Cash25000Cash in Hand
Dr PNB Bank         25000Bank Accounts


Dr Purchase50000Purchase Accounts
Cr Cash         50000Cash in Hand


Dr Machinery100000Fixed Assets
Cr Cash         100000Cash in Hand

(Purchase. F9)    

Cr Pawan Kumar60000Sundry Creditors
Dr Purchase         60000Purchase Accounts


Dr Discount2000Indirect Expenses
Cr Cash         2000Cash in Hand

(Sales. F8)

Dr SameerAlam72000Sundry Debtors
Cr Sales         72000Sales Accounts

(Purchase. F9)  

Cr Super Pvt Ltd16000Sundry Creditors
Dr Purchase         16000Purchase Accounts


Cr Sameer Alam72000Sundry Debtors
Dr Cash         72000Cash in Hand


Dr Pawan Kumar60000Sundry Creditors
Cr Cash         60000Cash in Hand

(Receipt. F6)

Cr Commission5000Indirect Incomes
Dr Cash         5000Cash in Hand


Cr Cash1000Cash in Hand
Dr Electricity Bill         1000Indirect Expenses

(Purchase. F9)

Cr Sona Enterprise14000Sundry Creditors
Dr Purchase         14000Purchase Accounts


Cr Cash21000Cash in Hand
Dr Computer         21000Fixed Assets


Cr Cash10000Cash in Hand
Dr PNB Bank         10000Bank Accounts


Cr Sales80000Sales Accounts
Dr Cash         80000Cash in Hand


Cr Cash14000Cash in Hand
Dr Sona Enterprise         14000Sundry Creditors


Dr Depreciation5000Indirect Expenses
Cr Machinery         5000Fixed Assets


Cr Cash1000Cash in Hand
Dr Interest on Loan         1000Indirect Expenses


Cr PNB Bank25000Bank Accounts
Dr Cash         25000Cash in Hand


Cr Commission18000Indirect Income
Dr Cash         18000Cash in Hand


Cr Cash16000Cash in Hand
Dr Super Pvt Ltd         16000Sundry Creditors

Balance Sheet : Gateway of Tally > Reports > Balance Sheet

Cash in Hand400000
Bank Accounts10000
Net Profit26000
Balance Sheet526000

Show all Vouchers Entries : Gateway of Tally> Transaction  > Day Book

Thanks for study the Notes of Voucher Entry in Tally Prime

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  1. vasamsetty rambabu

    Paid cash to Super Pvt. Ltd. Rs 16000 (Payment.F5)

    Cr Super Pvt Ltd 16000 Sundry Creditors
    Dr Cash 16000 Cash in Hand
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  2. Paid cash to Super Pvt. Ltd. Rs 16000 (Payment.F5)
    Cr Cash 16000 Cash in Hand
    Dr Super Pvt Ltd 16000 Sundry Creditors

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  3. Please few examples of ledger creation and voucher entry for doctor’s use

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