Zero Value Entry in Tally Prime

After the launch of Tally Prime, many users are enquire that “How to Pass / enter Zero Value Entry in Tally Prime”. The process to activate Zero Value entry in Tally Prime is different from the Tally ERP9. In below Training Notes, we will learn to all the steps with example.

Fist of all, we must be aware that what is Zero value entry and why it is required. Zero Valued entries are those entries where a voucher entry is made without any values, but needs to update in the records. We get free only same item in zero value entry

Create New Company for Zero Value Entry Lesson
(F3 : Create Company)

Maintain Accounts                : Yes
Enable bill-wise entry           : Yes
Maintain Inventory               : Yes
Integrate accounts with Inventory : Yes
Let other features                 : No

Activate Zero Value Transaction in Tally Prime

Gateway of Tally > Alter > Voucher Type > Sales

Allow  zero-valued transactions         (Yes)

Create Ledger : Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledgers

Ledger NameUnder
Big Clothes HouseSundry Creditors
PurchasePurchase Accounts
Sikander KhanSundry Debtors
SalesSales Accounts

Create Stock Group : Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Group


Create Item :   Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Item >


Purchase Entry

Supplier invoice no.: 001
Party A/c name ledger:  Big Clothes House
Purchase ledger: Purchase

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
T-Shirt500 Pcs120 Pcs60000

Zero Value Entry in Sales Voucher of Tally Prime

Buy 1 T-Shirt and get 1 T-Shirt Free : In this offer one T-Shirt free for each buy of 1 shirt. That means, we have to sale one T shirt and pass a Zero value entry of one T-shirt. 

Sales Entry

Reference no.: 001
Party A/c name ledger: Sikander Khan
Sales ledger: Sales

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
T-Shirt1 Pcs299 Pcs299
T-Shirt1 Pcs  
Zero Value Entry in Tally Prime

Print this voucher or export in Jpeg

Assignment for Practice :

Offer: Buy 1 Watch and  Get 1 Watch free
Make Purchase of 100 Pcs Watch at the price of Rs 500
Sell the 25 Pcs of watch at selling price of 1100 (Buy 1 get 1 free offer)

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