Quesion: After working for 8 days. Rakhi finds that only 10 percent of the work is completed. She employs Poonam who is 20 percent more efficient than Rakhi. How many more days will they together take to complete the remaining work?

  1. 340/11 days
  2. 340/7 days
  3. 360/7 days
  4. 360/11 days

Answer: 4. 360/11 days


Total work =w
Rakhi speed to complete work x
poonam speed to complete work 1.2 x
x8=0.1w , x=(0.1w/8)
t is the time taken together
x+1.2x=2.2x(T)=0.9w substituting x
2.2(0.1 T)/ 8= 0.9
t=360/11 days

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