Dice Questions SSC Exams

Dice Questions with solution for practice of SSC for Tier 1 Online Exams of SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, JE, Sten. The practice Mock test is also useful for RRB, UPSSSC, NRA, State Govt Jobs, and other competitive Examinations. The questions are Bilingual (Hindi and English) Practice to increase the speed and accuracy.

Dice Questions for Practice


#1. Which one is not a standard dice ?

#2. Which number will be opposite 3 ?

#3. What should be at the opposite face of 2 dots ?

#4. यदि दी गई व्यवस्था का उपयोग करके एक घन बनाया जाए तो हरे रंग के सामने कौन सा रहा होगा ?
If a cube was made using the given arrangement, which one would have been in front of the हरा ?

#5. Dice

#6. Which Cube can't be made using above open dice ?

#7. Dice

#8. कौन सा घन दिए गए चित्र को मोड़कर नहीं बनाया जा सकता|
Which cube can not be formed by folding the above ?

#9. Dice

2 and 3 are in both cube – cancel them
Remaining is 5 and 6, that means both are opposite.


#10. Dice

Opposite faces F/B, E/C and A/D

Opposite faces can not seen. Clearly 1,3,4 can not be formed. Answer is 2


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