Daily Use English Sentences Conversations PDF

Daily use English sentences book PDF for simple conversations for free download. We bring 4 PDF for English practice in this post to learn English in 50 days. The best method to practice Spoken-English is use dialogues as per specific situation. We also included English conversation topics and at last a PDF includes more than 1000 simple daily use sentences.

Daily Use English Sentences Book PDF

This English learning practice book includes sentences from following topics :


Daily Use English Sentences Conversations PDF

Download : Daily use English Sentence PDF

Name : Daily use English Sentence
Medium : English
Number of pages : 82

Spoken-English in Dialogues PDF

Table of content of this book

How to greet people
How to thank people
How to say sorry
How to ask people to do something for you
How to offer people help
How to ask for permission to do something
How to suggest somebody an idea
How to agree and disagree with your companion
How to give and accept a compliment
How to sympathize
How to ask to repeat and check understanding
How to finish a conversion and say good bye

How to go to the cinema
How to join a fitness club
How to queue
How to exchange money
How to book an excursion
How to call a taxi
How to ask for and give direction
How to get around by bus and metro
How to take a train

Social Interaction
How to introduce yourself
How to introduce people
How to welcome a new employee
How to make an invitation
How to welcome guests
How to compliment your host on their home
How to offer guests a drink
How to offer food to your guests
How to thank your host for hospitality
How to ask somebody out on a date
How to make small talk
How to avoid answering a question
How to make an appointment
How to change an appointment

How to ask if a shop sells an item you need
How to buy things
How to buy food at the Supermarket
How to buy clothes
How to try clothes on
How to buy clothes in the sale
How to get a VAT return
How to pay
How to return or exchange an item
How to bargain

How to book a flight
How to change a flight reservation
How to check-in
How to check in your luggage
How to go through security and board a plane
How to go through immigration
How to report lost or damages luggage
How to meet a visitor at the airport

Download : Spoken English dialogs Book PDF

Thanks for visit. I hope you will enjoy the free download of Daily Use English Sentences Conversations PDF. It will definitely help to improve your English speaking skills.

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