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MS Excel Notes Book PDF for Free Download. The computer coaching class notes (step by step guide) is very helpful for self learning of Excel – spreadsheet software.

About MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application software used in computer to enter data, format, calculate and analysis. Excel have very wide role in office. Now a day it part of computer basic course. Our Excel Note book is useful for Computer Basic Course of School / Training Institutes and self learning of students. The Notes is also beneficial for IBPS Bank exams and Jobs Interview.

Microsoft Excel consists of worksheets. Each worksheet contains columns and rows. The columns are lettered A to Z and then continuing with AA, AB, AC and so on; the rows are numbered 1 to 1,048,576. The combination of a column coordinate and a row coordinate make up a cell address. For example, the cell located in the upper-left corner of the worksheet is cell A1, meaning column A, row 1. Cell E10 is located under column E on row 10. You enter your data into the cells on the worksheet.

You will learn in PDF!

At the end of MS Excel Notes PDF Free Download , participants are expected to know how to use Microsoft
Excel :

Enter text and numbers in a spreadsheet
Enter Excel formulas
Format data
Create Excel functions
Fill cells automatically
Print results
Create Charts, and
Enter advanced Excel formulas

Parts of Excel Course Study PDF

Accordingly, the course is divided into the following five (5) sections-

Section 1: Entering Text and Numbers
Section 2: Entering Excel Formulas and Formatting Data
Section 3: Creating Excel Functions, Filling Cells, and Printing
Section 4: Creating Charts
Section 5: More on Entering Excel Formulas

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