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Physical Geography Book for UPSC Pre PDF for free download. Geomorphology by Savindra Singh in English for Civil Services UPSC IAS, State PCS PSC competitive exams.

Physical geography is an important topic in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. General Studies Paper-I (GS-I) covers subjects like geography, history, Indian society, and world geography.

What is Physical geography

Understanding of Earth’s Processes: understanding of the various processes : shaping the Earth’s surface, such as erosion, weathering, plate tectonics, and the water cycle.

Geographical Features: Mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, and oceans. In UPSC GS paper, Questions may be asked about Geographic features locations, characteristics, and significance.

Climate and Weather Patterns and atmospheric phenomena: Factors influencing climate patterns, such as latitude, altitude, pressure systems, and ocean currents etc.

Natural Disasters: UPSC general studies exams paper often include questions about natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, and droughts.

Environmental Geography: Biodiversity, ecosystems, conservation, and environmental degradation.

Contents of Geomorphology Book

This book cover following topics important for UPSC Exams:

Nature of Geomorphology,
Fundamental Concepts in Geomorphology,
Theories of Landform Development,
Climatic Geomorphology and Morphogenetic Regions,
Constitution of the Earth’s Interior,
Continents and Oceans,
Theory of Isostasy,

Earth’s Movement
Structural Geomorphology
Plate Tectonics
Vulcani city and Landforms
Mountain Building
Weathering and Mass movement
Cycle of Erosion, Rejuvenation and Polycyclic Reliefs
Denudation Chronology, Erosion Surfaces and Peneplains
Drainage Systems and Patterns
Morphometry of Drainage Basins
River Valleys, Graded River and Profile of Equilibrium
Channel Morphology,
Fluvial Geomorphology
Karst Geomorphology,
Coastal Geomorphology
Arid and Semiarid Geomorphology
Glacial Geomorphology,
Periglacial Geomorphology
Regional Geomorphology,
Applied Geomorphology,
Anthropogenic Geomorphology,
Climate Change and Quaternary Geomorphology.

Download : Physical Geography for UPSC PDF

Name : Geomorphology
Subject : Physical Geography
Author : Savindra Singh
Medium : English
For UPSC IAS and state Civil Services exam.
Number of pages : 664

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