Price List Creation in Tally Prime Notes

In the price list lesson, the rates of the items are set on the basis of quantity. It is required, when we are selling the goods to retailers and consumers. Normally, Trading Firm offer, discounted price to retailers on the basis of quantity. We will learn Creation of Price List in Tally Prime. The Computer Training Institute Notes with example, sample and assignment is very easy to understand. Best quality Tally Training Notes for Self Study.

Price List Creation in Tally Prime

Purchase Entry

Purchase No. 1                        Supplier invoice no : 001
Party A/c Name : Isha Enterprise
Purchase ledger : Purchase
Name of Item                         Quantity         Rate    Per                  Amount
Intex Mouse                        150 Pcs            120  Pcs                         18,000
Logitech Keyboard                  180 Pcs            140  Pcs                         25,200       
                                                 330 Pcs                                                43,200

Taking Permission to Enable Multiple Price Level

F11 : Features > Inventory Features
Enable Multiple Price Level                : Yes
Use discount Column in invoices        : Yes

Gateway of Tally > Create > Price Level

Company Price Levels
Whole sale
Retail sales

Create Ledger : Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledgers

Ledger NameUnder 
Naaz TradersSundry DebtorsMaintain balance bill by bill (Yes)
SalesSales AccountsInventory values are affected (Yes)

Set Price List

Gateway of Tally >Create > Price List (Stock Group)

Price List
Stock Group:             All Items
Price Level:                Whole Sales
Applicable From:            1-Apr-2021
Under Group                              All Items
Price Level                                  Whole Sales        
Applicable From:                        1-Apr-2021

S.NoParticularsQuantitiesRateDisc. % (If any)Cost Price
FromLess than
1.Intex Mouse     
   20 Pcs180. 120.00/Pcs
  20 Pcs40 Pcs1702% 
  40 Pcs60 Pcs1604% 
  60 Pcs100 Pcs1408% 
  100 Pcs    
2.Logitech Keyboard     
   10 Pcs200 140.00/Pcs
  10 Pcs50 Pcs175  
  50 Pcs100 Pcs1605% 
  100 Pcs140 Pcs15010% 
  140 Pcs    
Price List Creation in Tally Prime

Sales Entry :   Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > F8 Sales

Sales No. 1     Reference no : 001
Party A/c Name : Naaz Traders                      Price level :  Whole Sales
Sales ledger : Sales
Name of Item                         Quantity         Rate    Per    Disc %    Amount
Intex Mouse                                        80 Pcs  140  Pcs     8%             10304 
Logitech Keyboard                              40 Pcs  430  Pcs                       7000
                                                            120 Pcs                                    17304

Price List Creation in Tally

Assignments :  Create / Prepare a Price List in Tally Prime

Purchase following items from Rajul Traders (Sundry Creditor) :
Sugar   Quantity 1000 Kg        Cost Price Rs 25  
Rice     Quantity 1000 Kg        Cost Price Rs 50
Jeera   Quantity 1000 Pkt       Cost Price Rs 20

Prepare Price Lists as given below:

  Upto 20 KgRs 45
  From 20 Kg to 50 KgRs 42
  From 50 Kg to 100 KgRs 38 ( Disc. 5%)
  Upto 10 KgRs 90
  From 10 Kg to 40 KgRs 85
  From 40 Kg to 60 KgRs 70
  From 60 Kg to 100 KgRs 65 (Disc.10%)
  Upto 20 PktRs 45
  From 20 Pkt to 50 PktRs 42
  From 50 Pkt to 100 PktRs 40  (Disc.5%)

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Thanks for study the Price List Creation in Tally Prime Notes.

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