SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Solutions

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) Questions with answers and Solutions for free online practice.

Mock Test : Maths (Quantitative Aptitude) MCQs
Medium : English
Questions : 25 ( New practice set in every attempt)
All questions are solved with short tricks
You can check the answer and solution of every question.


#1. If the product of first 50 positive consecutive integers be divisible by \(7^n\) , where n is an integer, then the largest possible value of n is :

#2. the value of \(25 - 5 [2 + 3 (2 - 2 (5 - 3) + 5) - 10]\div 4 \) is

#3. 461+ 462 + 463 + 464 is divisible by

#4. The sum of a pair of positive integer is 336 and their HCF is 21.The number of such possible pairs is

#5. Every Sunday, Gin jogs 3 miles. For rest of the week, each day he jogs 1 mile more than the previous day. How many miles Gin jogs in 2 weeks?

#6. The sum of the cubes of the numbers 22, -15 and -7 is equal to

#7. The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 10% per annum is 300. Find the sum.

#8. A reduction of 25% in the price of rice enables a person to buy 10 kg more rice for Rs.600. The reduced per kg price of rice

#9. If 120 is 20% of a number, then 120% of that number will be :

#10. The value of (\(11111)^2\) is

#11. If Rahim deposited the same amount of Rs x in a bank at the beginning of successive 3 years and the bank pays a simple interest of 5% per annum, then the amount at his credit at the end of 3rd year will be :

#12. If A’s income is 50% less than that of B’s, then B’s income is what per cent more than that of A?

#13. Three numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. If the sum of their squares is 1856, then the numbers are

#14. A and B together can do a piece of work in 6 days. If A can alone do the work in 18 days, then the number of days required for B to finish the work is :

#15. Ravi buys an article with a discount of 25% on its marked price. He makes a profit of 10% by selling it at Rs 660. The marked price of the article was :

#16. If 2 + x\(\sqrt3\) =\(\frac{1}{2+\sqrt3}\) then the simplest value of x is :

#17. A boy and girl together fill a cistern with water. The boy pours 4 litres of water every 3 minutes and the girl pours 3 litres every 4 minutes. How much time will it take to fill 100 litres of water in the cistern?

#18. Mohan gets 3 marks for each correct sum and loses 2 marks for each wrong sum. He attempts 30 sums and obtains 40 marks. The number of sums solved correctly is

#19. If 20% of A = 50% of B, then what per cent of A is B?

#20. The average per day income of A, B and C is Rs. 450. If the average per day income of A and B be Rs. 400 and that of B and C be Rs. 430, the per day income of B is :

#21. A train passes two bridges of lengths 500 m and 250 m in 100 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. The length of the train is :

#22. A man and a boy received Rs 800 as wages for 5 days for the work they did together. The man’s efficiency in the work was three times that of the boy. What are the daily wages of the boy ?

#23. A shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on the marked price of a camera. Marked price of the camera, which costs him Rs 600, to make a profit of 20% should be :

#24. The speed of two trains is in the ratio of 6 : 7. If the second train runs 364 km in 4 hours, then the speed of first train is ?

#25. If \(\sqrt7 = 2.646\), then the value of \(\frac{1}{\sqrt{28}}\)up to three places of decimals is :


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