Syllogism Questions in English

Syllogism Questions in English for Competitive Exams. Mock test with answer for online practice of Syllogism MCQ for Bank Clerk, PO, SSC CGL, CHSL, UP Police SI.

Topic : Syllogism Reasoning
Number of Questions : 10
Medium : English


#1. `All beggars are poor.'
If the above statement is true, which of the following conclusions can be drawn?

#2. Statement :
(a) All frogs are tortoises
(b) No tortoise is a crocodile.
I. No crocodile is a frog.
II. No frog is a crocodile

#3. Statements
Some teachers are students
All students are girls
I. All teachers are girls
II.Some girls are teachers
III. Some girls are students
IV. All students are teachers

#4. Statements
Some dogs bark
All dogs bite
(I) Those dogs who do not bark, also bite
(II) Those dogs who do not bark, not necessarily bite

#5. Statement
"All the members of the Tennis club are members of the Badminton club too." "No woman plays Badminton".
Select the conclusion, which is definitely drawn from the given statement.

#6. Statements
I. All teachers are old
II. Some women are teachers.
i) all old are women
ii) Some women are old

#7. Statements
A. All clerks are superintendents
B. All superintendents are managers.
C. All managers are supervisors
I . All supervisors are clerks
II . Some clerks are supervisors.
III. Some managers are clerks
IV. All superintendents are clerks.

#8. Find the most appropriate conclusion on the basis of given statement :
Tom is a great player of football. All the football players earn huge wealth.

#9. Statements
I . Regular polygon has equal sides and equal angles.
II . Square is a regular polygon
(i) Square has equal sides
(ii) Square has equal angles

#10. Statements:
(i) The principal will address the students at 10 a.m.
(ii) You are requested to take your seats before 10 a.m.
I . If the student is not on his seat before 10 a.m., the function will not start.
II . The function will start as scheduled


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