NIELIT CCC Book PDF in English Free Download

NIELIT Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) Study Guide Book PDF in English published by Arihant publication is for free download. The book cover latest CCC Certificate Computer Course syllabus includes LibreOffice and OS Ubuntu topics.

What is Computer?

  • A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data according to the set of instructions called programs. It has the ability to store, retrieve and process data.
  • The term ‘computer’ is derived from the Latin word ‘computare’, which means ‘to calculate’.
  • The basic functions of a computer system are to accept the input, process the input, output and to store data.
  • We can say, computer is the combination of hardware and software, which converts data into information.

Some terms used in computer terminology are described below :
Data : Unprocessed raw facts and figures, like numbers, text on pieces of paper, are known as data.
Processing : It is the sequence of actions taken on data to convert it into information.
Information : When data is processed, organised, structured or presented in a given context so as to be useful, then it is
called information.
Instruction : It is a command given to a computer in the computer language by the user.
Program : It is a set of instructions given to a computer in order to perform some task.

Contents of CCC Book

Introduction to Computer
Introduction to Operating System
Word Processing (LibreOffice Writer)
Spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc)
Presentation (LibreOffice Impress)
Introduction to Internet and WWW
E-mail, Social Networking and E-Governance Services
Digital Financial Tools and Applications
Overview of Future Skills and Cyber Security
Computer Abbreviations
Computer Glossary
Practice Sets (1-5)

NIELIT CCC Book PDF in English

Download NIELIT CCC Book PDF in English

Book Name : Study Guide Course on Computer Concepts
Medium : English
Publisher : Arihant Publication
Number of Pages : 206

Free download : Arihant publication CCC book in English PDF from the below google drive link.

Thanks for download NIELIT Computer Course certificate online exam book in English.

Arihant CCC Book PDF Free Download in Hindi

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